• Mary Young

    Mary is the youngest sister and under the guidance of Josette and Evelyn, she has developed her own style, whilst still retaining the fine detail and intricate interpretation of traditional designs into a modern expression of land, feelings and life.


    Community: Keringke
    Language: Eastern Arrernte
    Skin Name: Perrurle
    Dreaming: Apmwe
    Country: Yambah Station area


  • Tiffany Alice

    Tiffany has a unique rainbow coloured style of painting with clear colours and beautifully balanced designs. She has been painting at Keringke since 2015 and is already one of our sought-after artists. She learnt her skills by watching her little mothers Mary, Evelyn and Lucille Young paint.


    Born: November 1987
    Community: Ltyentye Apurte
    Language: Eastern Arrente
    Skin Name: Pengarte


  • Serena Hayes

    “I love working at Keringke. I’ve worked at Keringke for about 20years. I like painting canvas and ceramics because I love my rainbow colours. Rainbow is my dreaming and shines through our country.”


    Date of birth: October 1973
    Language: Eastern Arrernte
    Skin name: Kemarre
    Dreaming: Rainbow (Mpwelarre)
    From: Ltyentye Apurte

  • Stacey Davis

    Stacey is following in her mother, Therese Davis’ footsteps. She is one of Keringke’s young emerging artists and is adapting her family’s painting with new interpretation in colour and design.

    Stacey works to reflect the patterns that she finds in her landscape and to layer them in ways that provide a view of her unique Arrernte perspective of the world.

    Her work is bright and bold and beautifully balanced in its geometric style and has a lot of similarities with modern psychedelic art, reflecting the Indigenous worldview of the Land, the people, the plants and the animals as one continuous being connected by energy.


    Born: August 1981
    Community: Ltyentye Apurte
    Language: Eastern Arrente
    Skin Name: Kngwarreye
    Country: Sandy Bore

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