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Camilla Young Keringke ArtsCamilla Young Keringke Arts

Why are we here?

We started this organisation because the idea of supporting indigenous artists in remote communities inspired us. We also loved the idea of bringing contemporary indigenous art to the streets in a meaningful and useful way – it all just made a great deal of sense.

Ben Weigl (Co-Founder) had owned one of these helmets for several years and used it extensively while running cycle tours in remote parts of Australia and around the world. He received a lot of interest and attention about what he had on his head. So, together with his friend and Co-Founder Peter Eich, they started ‘Helping Helmets’ as an independent social enterprise that supports indigenous artists by promoting wearable art.

Art is one of the few forms of sustainable livelihoods for Indigenous people living in remote Australia and ‘Helping Helmets’ sets out to directly benefit indigenous artists through enterprise and promoting awareness of indigenous art. This helps to keep their artistic traditions alive and thriving whilst providing another avenue for Indigenous art and culture to be valued in our modern lives.

We are now connected with several indigenous artists throughout central Australia and the Northern Territory. They paint quality helmets with their own unique designs. Our dream is that ‘Helping Helmets’ will be a force for good and positively impact Indigenous artists across Australia and cyclists the world over. We believe life is made better through art and with Helping Helmets it’s a win-win!


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